Knowing the difference between Bauers 3 lines of equipment


Maddux Hagy

Bauer offers a lot of different options.

Bauer is known as one of the best hockey brands for equipment. They sell an arrangement of products, but their hockey sticks and skates are what they are known for. Bauer has three different lines of sticks and skates which include Vapor, Nexus, and Supreme.


Vapor Stick
The Vapor stick is designed for people who are good puck handlers. It is a very light product and offers a lot to people who can handle the puck well. On the other hand, because it is such a light stick, it is easier to break.




Nexus Stick
The Nexus stick is designed for maximum results in a player’s shot without requiring a lot of effort. This stick is the perfect medium for players that don’t enjoy the Vapor or Supreme.





Supreme Stick-The Supreme stick is the most durable out of the three sticks. It has the most power in each shot and offers high-performance levels.



Vapor Skates-The Vapor skates are Bauer’s lightest skates. They offer FIT-Lock technology so that your foot stays in place while your skating.




Nexus Skates
The Nexus skates contain ultra lightweight CURV composite for lots of speed. It is the most durable skate that Bauer offers.






Supreme Skates–┬áThe Supreme skates are the most advanced skates Bauer offers. It is a fast skate and contains a flexible tongue for more bend and flexibility in the ankles.

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