Halloween is just around the corner.

Brannon Bjork

Creative Halloween costumes

October 24, 2018

Picking Halloween costumes can be quite a scary situation…fear not I am here to help!

We all know the goal is to acquire costumes that are cheap and creative! I hope to offer some unique ideas for costumes that you can use for Halloween this year.

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Let’s Get Spooky: Female Ideas

Here’s a great list for you girls who don’t know what to wear for Halloween. This list includes very cute costumes.

A very cute costume would be Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the best character from the best movie of 2016? 

Harley Quinn costume

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Another great costume would be Wonder Women; the movie came out in 2017, but it’s still relevant because it supports women empowerment.

Screen shot from Spirit Halloween
Wonder Woman

A funny costume would be Smiffy’s women’s “Let’s Get Physical” costume; it’s a classic that will never get old. It is perfect for every age and it can impress everyone.

Smiffy’s Womens costume

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Cavewomen costume

Lastly, dressing up as cavewomen is a very clean and goofy costume. Not only is this costume very goofy but it is also extremely unique no one else will be dressed as a cavewoman on Halloween night. 

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Let’s Get Spooky: Male Ideas

Halloween is coming up, that means you have to start getting your costumes ready.  This year there have been such good movies and tv shows that have come out that are perfect for good costumes.

Here is a list of some perfect Halloween outfits for of you guys. Since the new Incredibles movie came out this summer a great costume would be a Dash costume.

A child in Incredibles costume.

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If you’re into scary movies a funny costume is an adult Chucky custom it’s very intimidating.

Chucky posing with a knife

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 For the superhero type, black panther would be perfect; it came out early this year and you would stand out because not many people would think of wearing that outfit as a costume.

Chadwick Bosman posing in Black Panther costume

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Lastly, You could represent Minnesota and wear a Prince costume.

The model poses for Halloween Ad

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