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Students have a message for our teachers

Brody O'Hara

Students have a message for our teachers

Have you ever had a teacher that has helped you when you were struggling? Or one that has just been there for you even if it doesn’t involve school? Well I took the authority to ask some students if a teacher has impacted them.

Sartell students take a second to thank the teachers who have impacted their lives.

Even though we can thank all the teachers we have had experience with, there is always one teacher that stands out and impacts a student significantly.

So on behalf of all Sartell Students, Thank you to all the teachers.


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Week 1

Brody O'Hara, Journalist

Today I went around the school and asked students what teacher means the most to them. The students I interviewed were Allie Engle, Amber Heun, Sam Brandt, Bella Zerafa, Connor Kalthoff, and Kathleen Harthan.  

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