Deadly Limo Crash kills 20 people in New York


Maddux Hagy

The police shot the protesters with rubber bullets and used tear gas on them.

On Saturday, October 6th, a 2001 Ford Excursion was traveling southwest on Route 30 when it failed to stop at a T intersection and crashed into a parked SUV. One witness from the scene stated that the crash, “sounded like an explosion.” Once the witness got out of her car, she saw a body on the ground and people immediately started screaming.

Prestige Limousine in the Albany area of New York owned the limo involved in the crash. The limousine had failed inspection the previous month, and the driver didn’t have the appropriate license to drive the vehicle.

The 17 people involved in the crash were heading to celebrate the 30th birthday party of Amy Steenburg in Cooperstown. She was killed along with her husband Axel, Axel’s brother Rich, Amy’s three sisters, and her brother in law.

The accident was the most deadly transportation accident in the country since February 2009. Robert Sumwalt the Board chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board stated, the investigation is focused to find “not only what happened, but why it happened so we can keep things like this from happening in the future.”



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