Beyonce performs with with her hudband Jay-z on tour.

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Beyonce accused of “witchcraft”

October 10, 2018

Recently, Beyonce’s former drummer, Kimberly Thompson,  accused the singer of ‘witchcraft’ and filed a restraining order against her.  She claimed that the singer is involved in dark magic and magic spells of sexual molestation. The restraining order was denied on September 19.  

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photo via wikimedia under the creative commons license.

The drummer worked with Beyonce for over seven years and was a part of Beyonce’s all-girl band for the original On The Run tour with the singer’s husband Jay-Z.  Thompson was also a part of the 8G band on “The Late Night Show with Seth Meyers.”

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Thompson has accused Beyonce of tapping her phone, controlling her finances, and murdering her cat.  After the restraining order was denied, a hearing has been set for October 11. Beyonce has yet to comment on the situation.  

Taylor Pearson from Sartell High School comments on the topic saying, “Not true at all! I didn’t even know that she was accused! That’s crazy. She’s amazing!”


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