This week’s football MVP: Jacob Bjelland


Hannah Bjelland

Jacob Bjelland smiling as he found out he was MVP.

Jacob Bjelland, the Sartell tight end, wins this week’s football MVP showing great leadership and determination at the game against the Sauk Rapid’s homecoming last Friday.

Jacob was especially noticed for what Brody O’Hara, Jacob’s teammate, says is “being willing to play defense even though he is originally offense.”

When asked how he felt about being chosen the MVP, Jacob stated, “I just feel really honored and I’m thankful that people noticed me for my dedication and hard work on the field that night.”

“If I could choose somebody else as the MVP, I would choose Brody O’Hara because he went out there and played with a broken wrist and fingers, ignoring the pain that he could have,” Jacob says proudly.