The Engelkes Brothers

Jill Engelkes

Siblings of Sartell: The Engelkes Brothers

"Your siblings are the only people in the world who know what it's like to have been brought up the way you were." - Betsy Cohen

October 10, 2018

Jared Engelkes

You hate them. You love them. Your friend. Your enemy. You know who I’m talking about: siblings.

For this piece of Siblings of Sartell, I had the opportunity to speak with Josh (12th grade), Jared (10th grade), and John (10th grade) Engelkes to understand more about how they feel about each other.



Q. What do you and your siblings have in common?

Josh: They have a lot of stuff in common, but I have nothing in common with either of them.

Jared: We’re tall, decently athletic, and we like to travel together.

John: Jared and I pretty much do most things together, so we have a lot in common like soccer, basketball, and our friend group. Josh, we don’t really have anything in common that much.

Q. Describe your siblings in 3 different words.

Josh: Jared is sociable, generally amusing, and goal driven. John is definitely athletic, goofy, and reliable.

Jared: Josh is quiet, hardworking, and enthusiastic. John is intelligent, athletic, and tall.

John: Josh is proud, quiet, and hardworking. Jared is confident, smart, and athletic.

Q. Are you guys close? 

Josh: Mildly just because we are siblings, and we know about each other.  We spent a lot of time together when we were children, but because we are generally not interested in the same things, we don’t see each other as much.

Jared: Yeah, I’m closer with John just because we are twins.

John: Kinda, but I’m closer with Jared.

John Engelkes

Q. What’s something that they do that drives you insane?

Josh: Their music. I’m not interested in their style of music.

Jared: Josh, when he practices his piano, he does it as loud as he can just to wake up everyone who is sleeping since he practices in the morning sometimes. John is just a very moody person. He has some big mood swings.

John: They invade my space.

Q. What is one trait that your siblings have that you wish you had?

Josh: I would say their friendliness in a way.

Jared: John knows when to be quiet; I’m pretty loud all the time. Josh is good at remembering stuff; I wish I could do that for my classes.

John: More self-confidence and putting yourself out there.

Q. What is one thing that has changed about your siblings as they got older?

Josh: They have definitely gotten funnier.

Jared: Josh has matured over the years, and John has started to talk more.

John: They both got more mature.

Q. Who is considered the favorite child in the family? Why?

Josh: John, John has always been the baby of the family.

Jared: Definitely John because he is the youngest.

John: Probably me because I’m the youngest, so my mom treats me better than them.

Josh Engelkes

Q. Do you have nicknames for each other? Why do you call them that?

Josh: I would say no.

Jared: Yeah, we call John, Bobby because his middle name is Robert.

John: Not really, no.



Q. If you could tell your siblings one thing, what would it be?

Josh: There is nothing I need to tell them more than they already know.

Jared: Be nicer to me.

John: Good luck in college Josh and Jared, I don’t tell you this a lot, but I appreciate you.

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