Sartell bromance of the week: Jake Mumm & Nick Plautz

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Sartell bromance of the week: Jake Mumm & Nick Plautz

Jake and Nick

Jake and Nick

Ashley Kesler

Jake and Nick

Ashley Kesler

Ashley Kesler

Jake and Nick

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Like we learned on the first installation of “Bromance of the Week,” the definition of a bromance is a tight friendship between two guys. For this edition of Sartell bromances, I interviewed Jake Mumm (Senior), and Nick Plautz (Senior) to get an inside scoop on their bromance.

A little bit about Jake Mumm: Jake’s favorite color is blue and his favorite flavor of Gatorade is strawberry lemonade. He plays center on the Sartell boy hockey team & his favorite professional hockey team is the Minnesota Wild. Jake also enjoys the outdoors.

A little bit about Nick Plautz: Nick’s favorite color is gold and his favorite treat is a milkshake. His favorite movie is Wolf Of Wall Street and his favorite song is “Somewhere On A Beach”. Nick’s favorite sport is hockey.


Q1. When did the bromance start?

Jake: “Freshman year.”

Nick: “Design elements. First quarter, fourth block. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

Jake: “That’s where the dream came true.”

Q2. What do you guys like most about each other?

Jake: “I like that I can tell him how it is, and he’ll take it.”

Nick: “I like his house.”

Jake: “Yeah he only likes me for my house and my toys.”

Q3. What do you guys do together?

Jake: “Play hockey.”

Nick: “A lot of hockey.”

Jake: “That’s pretty much all we do together.”

Q4. What video games do you guys play together?

Nick: “We don’t really play video games.”

Q5. Where do you guys generally go out to eat?

Jake: “Chipotle.”

Nick: “Leeann Chin.”

Q6. What is your favorite hangout spot?

Jake: “The porch probably.”

Nick: “Brock Way Hollow.” 

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