October Movie Releases


Saylor Voss

new movie releases for October 2018

Have you ever looked up the upcoming movie releases? I did some research on the most interesting movies that will be coming to theaters this October and now you can access the information right from the LeSabre.

A Star Is Born

Our first new movie will be released to theaters October 5th and this one is for our romance lovers. Jackson Maine is an experienced musician that falls for an up and coming artist by the name of Ally. Their relationship blooms as Jackson takes her under his wing, and Ally’s career takes off leaving their relationship questionable.

Genre: Romance, Drama


Bad Times At The El Royale

This next movie takes place at an abandoned hotel in the 1960s. Seven strangers meet at this old Lake Tahoe getaway to discuss their secrets. They have one night to fix everything or it all goes wrong. Released on October 12th.

Genre: Thriller



This next movie is released on October 18th and is for our Halloween and scary movie fanatics. 40 years go by since a killer attacked Laurie on Halloween night. The killer escapes the institution he was placed in. This Halloween, Laurie is confronted with a nightmare she thought she left behind.

Genres: Thriller, horror


Johnny English Strikes Again

A retired undercover agent is called out of retirement when a cyber attack announces all active undercover agents. Johnny English then tries to find the hacker and throughout his mission, he is faced with many obstacles he must overcome. Released on October 26th.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy


First Man

This movie, releasing on October 12, is about America landing the first man on the moon. It gives America today a glimpse into the extraordinary accomplishment that happened in the 1969 mission. Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in this new film on America’s legacy.

Genre: Biography, Drama, and History