The entry way at Ms. Melinda’s. (Rachel Eisenschenk)
The entry way at Ms. Melinda’s.

Rachel Eisenschenk

Dance season closing to an end

May 31, 2018

This past weekend, Burnsville held the last competition of the year for Ms. Melinda’s dance studio and many other studios, as well.

For the competing teams, they worked their hardest to give their last dance of the year a high score. This dance competition was held by Bravo at a convention center. Ms. Melinda’s scored many high golds, elite high golds, and even some platinums.

Rachel Eisenschenk
Awards from the Bravo dance competition

The way the scoring works is that High gold would be compared to a bronze, elite high gold is compared to a silver, and platinum is compared to a gold. There are other scores held beneath these three, but almost no one seems to get those scores with the level of skill that the teams bring to compete.

Rachel Eisenschenk
A practice room at Ms. Melinda’s.

All the teams ended the season with some great new medals to add to the collection, and they hope to do even better next year. Ms. Melinda’s hopes to bring the game again next year with some fresh new dances to compete with. For some dancers, however, this season is coming to a close with only their recitals left. As for the seniors who are graduating from high school, this is their last year that they are able to be in studio dance.

Megan Thooft, a senior who attends Ms. Melinda’s, stated, “My team definitely found themselves this year. We work so well together, like a family. This last comp was the best we have ever done those dances and I am proud to say that they are on my team. I am going to miss them all so much next year.”


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