The great hawaiian pizza debate

There is long-running controversy over whether pineapple belongs on pizza or if it is simply meant to be a fruit.

Hawaiian pizza originated in Canada in 1962 and has been a hit ever since. When young Sam Panopoulos first thought of the idea, his brothers were onboard because they enjoyed the contrast between the sweet and savory.

Today, this much-loved contrast of the past has become a heated controversy amongst pizza connoisseurs. In order to put this heated debate to rest, Sartell students shared their opinions on the matter.

I am understanding of those who don’t have similar tastebuds as mine, but I also feel bad for them because they are missing out on such a great treat. ”

— Lexie Lamont

Senior Tj Raden says, “I have a passion for pizza, I have it at least three times a week, and pineapple belongs on it.”¬† This opinion is backed by years of pizza consumption.

His view on pineapple pizza is a popular one at Sartell High School.¬† When asked if pineapple belongs on pizza, senior Lexie Lamont explained, “Pineapple belongs on pizza because it adds that extra sweetness yet sourness that no other topping can provide.” Lexie is a strong advocate for the sweet fruit being a topping on her pizza. She strongly disagrees with those who favor pizza without pineapple.

On the other side, I personally am not the biggest fan of pineapple pizza. To me, it is a disgrace to the delicacy that is pizza. My strong belief is supported by other Sartell students as well.

Senior Kassy Markey shared her thoughts about pineapple on pizza saying, “It shouldn’t be warm or eaten with cheese.” The strong opinions around the pineapple controversy doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, but I am certain my view won’t change. To clear up the controversy please vote in the poll below, and share your honest opinion.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

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