Health for Life


Tiana Mick

Sign outside of Health for Life.

Health for Life is a shake shop located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is across the street from Famous Dave’s and next to the strip mall with Queen Nails and the Vietnamese market. The shop is very cute and the woman working was very happy and nice.

Tiana Mick
All the shake and tea options at Health for Life

I tried the Arnold Palmer tea and the fried ice cream shake. The tea was kind of small and tasted a little watered down to me. The fried ice cream shake was good, but I like the fried ice cream shake at Mission Nutrition better. They have a lot of cool shake flavors that I will want to try in the future.

Tiana Mick
Tea and aloe shot
Katrina Schiller
Fried ice cream shake

They have deals every Tuesday and Thursday where they make protein cookies and donuts and sell them 5 for $4. On Tuesday, they sell the protein cookies and on Thursday they sell the protein donuts. We did not try any, but they looked delicious.  I want to go back and try them sometime. Healthy for Life was probably not my favorite shake shop, but it is definitely still good.  I would for sure go there if I were in the area.

The protein donuts they were selling for 5/ $4