Local Food


blue line

Sartell has many different local businesses and restaurants; I went around to these and gave each one a rating on food quality, wait time, and price. I rated Blue Line, House of Pizza, and Liquid Assets. I rated each of these establishments on a one to five scale.

House of Pizza

  1. I got a normal pizza, and it took 22 minutes for the food to arrive: wait time – two.
  2. The pizza was very good: food quality – five.
  3. The total cost, only feeding myself, was 20 dollars plus a tip, which was a bit expensive: price – 1.

    local coffee shop

Liquid Assets

My next stop was Liquid Assets. This was a fantastic stop.

  1. The food came out in 7 minutes: wait time – 5
  2. The quality of food was not as impressive as my experience with House of Pizza, likely due to the speed: food quality – 3
  3. The price was a touch unreasonable for the amount of food: price – 2

Blue Line

My last stop was Blue Line, and this was overall the best place I stopped at!  When I went there, the service was spectacular! Every time my glass was empty someone would come fill it up, and all of the staff were incredibly friendly.

  1. The quality of food did not disappoint either! I had the buffalo chicken wrap, and it was the best one I have had in the area: food quality – 5
  2. The wait time wasn’t half bad either: wait time – 4
  3. Blue Line, as it turns out, is also the best bang for your buck; the whole meal cost 12 dollars plus tip: price – 4

Overall, if you’re looking to enjoy a tasty, wallet-friendly, and time conscious place to sit down and have a meal, I highly recommend eating at Blue Line!