Caribou Coffee Launches Spring Drinks



This month, Caribou Coffee launched their spring drinks for 2018. These new beverages include the raspberry green tea with bubbles, the matcha tea cooler with bubbles, and the caramel cooler with bubbles.

The “bubbles” in these drinks are jelly squares that are similar to traditional bobas, just sweeter. You can ask for bubbles to be added to any drink at Caribou.

The raspberry green tea with bubbles is classic green tea mixed with milk and raspberry syrup for added sweetness, and bobas at the bottom.

The matcha tea cooler is a coffeeless cooler, so it has the consistency of a milkshake but instead of caffeine from coffee, it gets its caffeine from the matcha, which is a green tea in the powder form.

The caramel cooler with bubbles is exactly what it sounds like: Caribou Coffee’s classic caramel cooler with boba chilling at the bottom for extra flare.

If you’re in the mood to try something new, make your way to Caribou Coffee and try one of these spring beverages!