Teacher of the week


TJ Raden

teacher of the week

Teacher of the week is Anne Jenson. The reason I picked her is because 1) she is awesome, and 2) she is great with her students and a fun soul.

Who was your favorite teacher in high school?

“Mr. Henning”

Favorite grade to teach?

“9th Grade”

What is it like being peers with people who taught you?

“In middle school it was more weird because the last time I saw them I was a kid, but in high school it isn’t as weird because when I went, I was basically an adult.”

Are you friends with other teachers?

“Yes, we text each other”

Favorite class to teach?

“Communication Arts”

Favorite subject outside of English:


Funniest thing that happens in your class:

“9th graders are always goofy; I thrive on the awkwardness.”

Favorite day of the week:

“Fridays because I love hallway duty.”

Best teaching friend:

“Kelsey Box”

What do you do in the summer?:

“Teach summer school, go to school, work at a golf course, Oak Hill. Home improvement.”

PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION: Are people born selfish or is it a learned trait?

“People are born with some selfishness and born to survive”