Partners in Crime #3

April 18, 2018

Do you know if your best friend is a true friend or a fake friend?  In this feature of Partners in Crime, we will be testing the limits and knowledge of trust and true friendship.  Here are a few of the tightest friendships around Sartell and these are their stories… *dun* *dun*

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Tiana Mick

What is Tiana’s favorite color?

Correct answer: Maroon

Megan’s answer: a cool blue color


What is Tiana’s favorite animal?

Correct answer: Elephant

Megan’s answer: Flamingo


Who is Tiana’s celeb crush?

Correct answer: Mike B. Jordan

Megan’s answer: Jon Bellion


What is Tiana’s favorite shoe?

Correct answer: Vans or Birks

Megan’s answer: Converse or Birks


What is Tiana’s favorite store?

Correct answer: TJ Maxx

Megan’s answer: TJ Maxx


What is Tiana’s favorite movie?

Correct answer: Burlesque

Megan’s answer: Trolls


What is Tiana’s favorite Netflix show?

Correct answer: New Girl

Megan’s answer: New Girl


What is Tiana’s favorite clothing item?

Correct answer: Flamingo shirt

Megan’s answer: Lululemon


What is Tiana’s spirit animal?

Correct answer: Flamingo

Megan’s answer: Flamingo



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Megan Sieben


What is Megan’s favorite color?

Correct: a cool blue color

Tiana’s answer: yellow

What is Megan’s Favorite Animal?Jane Mick

Correct: cat

Tiana’s answer: cat


Who is Megan’s celeb-crush?

Correct: Justin Bieber

Tiana’s answer: Zach Efron


What is Megan’s Favorite Ice-Cream?

Correct: Anything with brownies

Tiana’s answer: Anything with brownies 


What is Megan’s Favorite shoe?

Correct: Converse

Tiana’s answer: Converse


What is Megan’s Favorite store?

Correct: Forever 21

Tiana’s answer: Forever 21


What is Megan’s Favorite movie?

Correct: Why Him?

Tiana’s answer: Mama Mia


What is Megan’s Favorite Netflix show?

Correct: New Girl

Tiana’s answer: New Girl


What is Megan’s Favorite clothing item?

Correct: short sleeved cropped shirts

Tiana’s answer: sweatshirts


What is Megan’s spirit animal?

Correct: cat

Tiana’s answer: cat

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