An image of the new classroom.

Brock Sorenson

The new prototype studio classroom is being used

April 12, 2018

The new Sartell High School is not set to open until the 2019-2020 school year, but the new classroom is now in action.  Mrs. Madrigal’s Spanish classes had the luxury of getting to use the classroom and all its new technologies.

The new classroom includes whiteboards all around the rooms, including the walls and windows.  There are also two brand new projectors with smart-board capabilities (students can draw with a pen or a finger).  The classroom also has a wide variety of seating for students.   There are low and high top tables that can be rearranged and the low chairs are on wheels.  The classroom also offers a cool microphone for the teacher so everyone can hear them no matter where they are in the room.

Student Lexie Lamont was in there the first block of her day on Tuesday, April 3rd.  She said that overall she enjoyed the new classroom and especially enjoyed the all-around whiteboard.  She did say there was one flaw with the smartboards though: one can’t write on the smart board if there is a shadow on it.   Another student, Katrina Schiller, said she also enjoyed the whiteboards but overall she said the atmosphere was a little too plain or cold to her.  Among the students, teachers are also excited to use the new prototype classroom.  Mrs. Madrigal says that the technology and everything in the classroom will definitely take some time to get used to but overall she liked it.

Throughout the remainder of the year the teachers will be able to check out the new classroom to teach in it for the day.


A glimpse of the new walls and whiteboards in the prototype classroom

Students working at the multi-level tables






Students displaying the abilities of the 360 whiteboards in the prototype classroom

Full view of the prototype classroom in the media center


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