Blast from the past


Tiana Mick

A retro jean skirt.

Do your parents ever say to you “I remember wearing that,” or, “Wow, is that coming back already? I remember when that was in when I was in high school.” I know I have gotten a few of those comments from my mom as I am leaving the house, and I am not quite sure how to feel about that.

Some clothing items that have been very trendy and popular that are coming back in style are mom jeans, jean jackets… pretty much everything denim. It is very trendy to rock those high-waisted mom jeans with your favorite jean jacket and that graphic tee crop top.

Velvet is also coming back in, and the latest obsession for clothing stores for teens is trying to make everything with velvet. They have even come out with velvet swimsuits, which are cute but don’t seem like the best material to get wet.

You will also see jean skirts with Converse and a scrunchie on the wrist of many girls walking through the halls as the warmer weather approaches.

Wind jackets have also been coming back with vibrant colors and retro patterns. While watching the early seasons of the show Friends, I see so many clothing items that are fashionable today and are coming back from that long ago. This is a great example of why you should keep your clothes you think may have gone out of style, because you never know when it will be back in style and you will be sporting that vintage jean jacket you thought you would never wear again.