Spring break plane necessities

March 15, 2018

It’s the start of spring break, you are sitting on a plane just waiting to take off so you can finally be somewhere warm.  You are so excited you have no idea what to do with yourself, then you realize you actually don’t have anything to do.  You can’t use your phone, and you are just sitting there pondering what to do for the next couple hours until you land…  To avoid a situation like this, always have these handy plane necessities for your long trips.


1.Neck pillow

Always bring a nice neck pillow on a long plane ride.  If you do have a window seat, you’re going to want a neck pillow for a nice comfortable nap until you get to your destination.


Planes can get pretty cold, especially when you’re flying out of Minnesota.  Always bring a small blanket just in case you want to warm up while watching a movie or take a quick nap

3. Downloaded music

Always download music BEFORE you get on the plane.  Whether you have Apple Music, Spotify, or SoundCloud, always download the music before you leave for the airport to be sure that your music downloads before the plane ride. 

4. Good headphones

Planes can be very loud.  Always bring a nice pair of headphones in your personal bag to reduce background noise of the plane and the people on it.  I would recommend going with over the ear headphones to be sure that the noise is far gone while you enjoy a movie or nap.

5. Sleeping mask

Always bring a nice eye cover for your plane ride.  Just in case the person next to you likes to keep the window open, it is important to have a sleeping mask to block out all the light if you want to take a nap.

6. Snacks

Snacks are a must for a plane ride.  Plane food can be expensive and unless you are flying Delta, they won’t give you any for free.  Always bring some granola bars or candy along in your personal bag just in case you get hungry on the way.

7. Podcasts

Another past time for a plane ride is listening to podcasts.  Podcasts are a great way to pass the time and learn at the same time.

8. Crossword puzzle/ Rubix cubes/ coloring books

Always bring a puzzle, Rubix cube, or coloring book in case you get tired of listening to music or watching movies on the plane.  Puzzles are a great way to pass the time and use your brain while doing it.

9. WiFi (only if you’re a savage)

If you really cannot stand being off social media for a couple hours, I would definitely recommend purchasing the in-flight wifi.  Wifi on planes is such a great convenience and makes you feel like you are on your couch at home.

10.Water Bottle

well-insulated water bottle is a must on planes.  You don’t want to overpay for the expensive airline drinks, so always bring a water bottle to the airport and be sure to fill it up after you go through security.

11. Laptop

If you are looking to get work done while you are on your plane ride, be sure to bring your computer.  It is really easy to put some headphones on and type a paper that you have due or just to put little reminders on your desktop while you think on the plane.


Books are another plane necessity.  Books are great to read on a plane because you have so much time that you can probably read a book start to finish by the time you land.


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