Suggestions for making your prom the best

Prom season is just around the corner and many Sartell students have questions about the theme, places to shop for dresses and tuxes, and clever ways to ask out your date.

Brock Sorenson and Allison Koopman are members of the Sartell 2018 prom committee. They were nice enough to give me a little insight on this year’s upcoming prom. Prom is on May 5th this year, which happens to be the same day as the Kentucky Derby. Because of this, the prom theme is Kentucky Derby and Garden Party.

“Prom is going to be very unique this year,” says senior, Brock Sorenson. Ally Koopman adds, “Prom is going to be a good mix of the two different themes. Grand March is going to be more Kentucky Derby while the food and venue will be more of the Garden Party.”

Grand March will include a live stream of the Kentucky Derby along with a supervised and legal gambling opportunity before the Grand March. The prom committee is even trying to get a real horse! The food is going to include fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and Caesar salad. The committee tried to find the best southern and Kentucky Derby related foods to enhance the theme. A chocolate fountain along with fruit and cheesecake will be available after the meal during the dance.

Dress and tux shopping can be extremely stressful. It is best to find a dress early and to find a perfect fit for you! Here are a few places to find dresses and tuxes nearby:

Prom Dresses:

  • David’s Bridal (Maple Grove)
  • Ruby Juby (Maple Grove)
  • A Specialty House (Midtown Mall)
  • Carrie Johnson Bridal (St. Cloud)
  • There are also many sights to look at online!


  • Men’s Warehouse (St. Cloud)
  • Tip Top Tux (St. Cloud)

Below are a few clever ideas for promposals! You can find other ideas on Pinterest and Google.