Phantom Friends: The classic haunted house

About five years ago, Brinn Akervik and her family moved into a quaint old house in the older part of Sartell. It was a humble home with charm from the year it was built in, which creaked and sang with every step on the old wooden floor. But then, creaks came without footsteps, radios sang without interference, and possessions moved without human intervention.

Brinn and her family have claimed since 2013, when they moved into their Sartell home, that the site is haunted with the ghosts of the past owners. TV’s turning off and on, items moving around the house, and appliances malfunctioning are all experiences that they have had while in the house. These occurrences and more have led them to the conclusion that their house has an undeniable paranormal presence. Though the suspected ghosts have shown themselves to be on the tamer side, the creepy aura of the house always lingers.

Throughout the past, the world has made its case in support of ghosts and strange hauntings, telling legends and tales of paranormal activity, but only in recent history have skeptics emerged arguing the inconsistencies of these ghosts’ stories. Brinn Akervik shared when asked of her opinion on the alleged ghosts taking residency in her house, “I don’t wanna say that I believe in them; there’s just so many things.”