My favorite LUSH-ious bath bombs

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My favorite LUSH-ious bath bombs

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Baths are relaxing, serene and soothing. A lot of companies have come out with products to put in baths to help your skin and muscles. A company that has always had standout products is LUSH.  LUSH is a company that was started in 1995, in Poole, England, and they believe in fresh, handmade cosmetics. They are avidly against animal testing, and they also give a lot of money to a lot of charities. One of their most popular products is their bath bombs. Bath bombs consist of dry, very firmly packed ingredients. When they are put into water, they “explode”; the ingredients fall apart, fizz and can change the water’s color. So here are some of my personal favorites! (The best part about LUSH is that even though they use high-grade ingredients, their bath products are relatively inexpensive!)

Twilight bath bomb

Twilight Bath Bomb ($6.95)

This one is my absolute favorites! This bath bomb is a pale pink with engravings of moons and stars. says that it smells like lavender, but honestly, I don’t smell a lot of lavender. It sort of has a candy-like scent. If you could only choose one, I would choose this one.

Butterball Bath Bomb ($4.95)

This is another absolute favorite of mine! Butterball isn’t the best name, but I’m willing to forget that. This one smells of vanilla and cocoa butter. This one actually has chunks of cocoa butter and after the bath; your skin will feel amazing. I have extremely dry skin and this one (more than the others) makes my skin feel baby smooth.


Lava Lamp bath bomb


Lava Lamp Bath Bomb ($7.95)

When I went to Italy last summer, I stopped in a LUSH and this is one of the bath bombs that I picked up. I used it when I got home and afterwards, I went out and bought another one. When I use this one, I get memories of Florence and soft skin. This orange and purple bomb has a great citrus scent and it turns your water a vibrant orange. This one also has chunks of cocoa butter to really nourish your skin.



Intergalactic bath bomb

Intergalactic Bath Bomb ($7.95)

First of all, this bath bomb has a beautiful color scheme of pink, yellow and blue. The calming minty scent relaxes your mind and helps your skin. After the minty sensation has passed, calming cedarwood comes out to play.


Fizzbanger Bath Bomb ($6.95):

Apple and cinnamon are both great scents, but when they come together, it can be truly amazing. This bright, vibrant summer-y yellow, when placed in water, looks like fireworks. There is cracking candy in this one!

LUSH offers so many more products from shower gel to lipstick to deodorants. LUSH is a great company with great values. If you want to not support animal testing and also receive great skin, LUSH is your brand. If the bath bombs I suggested don’t work for you or your skin, don’t worry! With all of the different types they offer, you’re bound to find one you like!



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