Molly Fossen

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Molly and Lexie met when they were one year old.  Molly’s favorite memory with Lexie is playing Mean Busdriver.  Molly admires Lexie because she really likes her and because she is really smart.  Molly’s favorite way to spend time with Lexie is to bake cookies.


What is Lexie’s favorite color?

Correct Answer: Blue

Mollys Answer: Blue

What is Lexie’s favorite animal?

Correct Answer: Dog

Mollys Answer: Dog

Who is Lexie’s celeb crush?

Correct Answer: Channing Tatum

Mollys Answer: Channing Tatum

What is Lexie’s go-to appliance?

Correct Answer: Microwave

Mollys Answer: Microwave

What is Lexie’s favorite store?

Correct Answer: Lululemon

Mollys Answer: Lululemon

Who is Lexie’s favorite singer?

Correct Answer: Post Malone

Mollys Answer: Post Malone

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