A chicken bowl from Chipotle.

Blake Webster

Chipotle hacks: how to get more for your money

March 1, 2018

When you think about going out to eat for an affordable yet punishingly full feeling afterward, you think about Chipotle. However, if you’re looking for an even bigger meal, here are some tips and tricks to maximize your amount of consumption. I met with SHS senior/Chipotle employee Peyton Landowski to get the in on maximizing the amount of food in a Chipotle order.

The key is to always ask for a little more.”

— Peyton Landowski

  1. Order a bowl: Getting a bowl increases the amount of ingredients by at least 20% than you would get if you had ordered a burrito.
  2. Get a tortilla/taco shells on the side: Getting a tortilla/taco shells separate from your meal will give you an option to customize tacos and create a new dish while you still have your bowl to eat.
  3. DOUBLE RICE: Doubling your rice will automatically increase the size of your burrito.
  4. Get 1/2 chicken 1/2 steak(or whatever meat you’d like): When you get half and half you won’t be getting charged extra for getting extra steak.
  5. Always get a water cup and fill it with pop: The reason being is because nobody has to waste their money on pop cups.
  6. Get a veggie bowl: Veggie bowls come with free guac, because what’s better than free guac?


SHS student Peyton Landowski works at Chipotle





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