Curtsey Rengel

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Ally and Curtsey met during basketball in 4th grade.  Curtsey’s favorite memory with Ally is playing Hide-and-go-Seek at a friend’s house. Curtsey admires Ally because of her honesty, integrity, and because she knows the meaning of being a true friend.  Curtsey’s favorite thing to do with Ally is to tear it up in Donkey Kong.


What is Ally’s favorite color?

Curtseys answer: Blue

Correct answer: Green

What is Ally’s favorite day of the week?

Curtseys answer: Saturday

Correct answer: Wednesday

What is Ally’s favorite animal?

Curtseys answer: Penguin

Correct answer: Cow

What is Ally’s favorite hobby?

Curtseys answer: Netflix

Correct answer: Netflix

What is Ally’s biggest fear?

Curtseys Answer: Spiders

Correct Answer: Sharks

Who is Ally’s celebrity crush?

Curtseys answer: Young Brad Pitt

Correct answer: Young Brad Pitt

What is Ally’s favorite ice cream?

Curtseys answer: Half-baked

Correct answer: Half-baked

What is Ally’s favorite restaurant?

Curtseys answer: Panera

Correct answer: Panera 

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