Stress Relievers: Part 1

February 13, 2018

No matter how happy you might be, stress still happens.  It’s a prominent feature in the lives of teenagers. Some stress can be good but for the bad, anxiety-causing kind, here is a list of five things that can help relieve stress.

1.Light a candle. There is something about the glow of a candle that is very relaxing. A lot of spas and relaxing pictures have candles in them. You can even get a candle at the dollar store and enjoy the relaxing glow.

2. Aromatherapy. This is another great way to relieve stress. There are a ton of different scents that you can put in an oil diffuser that can put you in a relaxing mood. Just pick your favorite scent and sit back and relax.

3. Listen to music. Listening to music can make a person feel all kinds of emotions. Calmer beats can help relieve stress, but if rock music makes you happy, then listen to some rock music.

4. Taking a walk. There is something about going for a walk outside and getting fresh air that can calm the mind down. Just going for a walk, or walking outside can help give the brain fresh oxygen.

5. Meditation. Meditating is a great way to help relieve stress as you are slowing your heart rate down and giving your mind a break. Even if it is for two minutes, there is something relaxing about taking a mind break.

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