Boys’ swim & dive team makes a splash

January 18, 2018

This winter season, the waters have been waving as the Sartell High School Boys Swimming and Diving Team moves towards their sections and state meets. This powerful group of boys has been lapping their way around the pool as they approach the most crucial meets of the year for their state standings. Over the last week, a few of the swimmers on the team were interviewed, and they were more than pleased with the theme of confidence that they share.

Boys swimmers: Tristen Nies, Garrit Vansurksum, and Dylan Plemmel

In the interviews, captains Tristen Nies and Garrit Vansurksum spoke on their opinions of the season thus far.

Nies started to say that he feels that their season has been going very well so far.

Senior Captain and swimmer, Garrit Vansurksum

“I hoped this season would be this good and continue to hope that we rank in the top three teams at State. I have noticed lots of improvements in our younger swimmers, and I am proud.”

Vansurksum continued and added onto Nies’ comments. “I also believe our season is going very well so far. I think that we are faster right now than we have ever been at this point in the season. Hopefully, we will finish off in an undefeated season for our dual meets.”

Some other swimmers provided input in interviews as well.

Junior, Mack Sathre, was excited to discuss his favorite sport.

As a team, we are succeeding and swimming well. I know we’re all working very hard and we’ll only get more into it. We’re all doing great things. ”

— Mack Sathre

Sophomores, Brannon Bjork and Cooper Larson added in their comments after being recommended by their captains for interviews.

My season’s going good, and I also think we’ll place in the top three at State. I know we’re all hard workers. We’re all fast, strong, and funny guys, so I just love the team.”

— Brannon Bjork


Cooper continued, “I think we’ve done well so far this season- haven’t lost yet so that’s good. I’m excited for more.”

Finally, a senior swimmer, Peyton Braun, commented on his hopes for the remainder of their season.

“I think our team does a good job with working through the challenges that we face, and I hope we just have more fun together. I’m excited to succeed at sections.”

Ben Kiewel also shared his thoughts, “The swim team is more than just swimming fast and staying undefeated. What really makes swimming more than a team is the comradery. Mr. Anderson always says ‘Swimming fast is fun.’ I think he knows what he’s talking about, but I would add ‘Swimming fast together is fun.'”

During a meet, the cheering reaches a deafening volume when the whole team is at the edge of the pool screaming for their teammates.

Journalist and swimmer, Ben Kiewel

The boys swim team is incredibly competitive in the pool, every year they set individual goals and team goals. The team goals this year include remaining undefeated in dual meets, finishing top three in state, and to see the relays drop time. Individual goal setting is also very important in swimming; teammates also help each other stay true to those goals. In a lot of meets, Sartell ends up racing against itself in a way. When the other team doesn’t have a competitive swimmer in an event Sartell swimmers end up racing their teammate for first. This encourages the swimmers to swim their best even when the other might not be on the same level. Swimmers also tend to swim against themselves, by that I mean one races against his  best times to try and get faster every meet.

All photos present are accredited to Jason Nies

A question that comes up frequently is “Why are you in swimming?” especially when students start talking about 5:45am practice or the brutal sets. Ben Kiewel answers this question:  “To be honest, swimming for me doesn’t mean being the best or winning every race. I’m really not amazing at swimming. I’m in swimming because of the team which comprises of the fun we share, the jokes with Chris, the shared hatred of 12×50 IM/powerstroke, and the kinship between everyone.” 

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