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Get to know Mrs. Huston

photo via lifetouch under the creative commons license

photo via lifetouch under the creative commons license

photo via lifetouch under the creative commons license

Get to know Mrs. Huston

If you have had her in class, you probably know Mrs. Huston as the fun teacher who loves Halloween, but there is more to why she loves Halloween and so many more cool things about her!

Where did you go to High School?

  • Apollo High School

Were you in any sports?

  • I was on the dance line

What were your dreams in high school?

  • I wanted to either be a teacher or a film archivist and definitely wanted to travel

Why did you want to be a film archivist?

  • I love movie stuff and wanted to be more on the appreciative side of it.

Where did you go to college?

  • St. Cloud State University

What was your major?

  • I had a Bachelor of Science in English

Where did you start teaching?

  • Sartell, I also student taught here.

What was your favorite college experience?

  • Studying abroad in Alnwick, England

What do you do outside of school?

  • I am in two book clubs and I love watching horror movies, along spending time with my daughter.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Same place, new school

10 years?

  • The same place, just listening to Mrs. Benson complain about how she hasn’t won the lottery yet.

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to students?

  • I have a lot of them, but I hate when students don’t listen.

What is your biggest pet peeve in general?

  • I hate gum (“Why would anyone put a chewy stick in their mouths and just chew on it for hours, it doesn’t make sense?”)
  • I also hate the Happy Birthday song

Do you have a most memorable student?

  • Yes, her name is Leslie.  She was just the best at pranks.  She once hid in a box on my projector stand and popped out after like an hour.  She used to always hide in the most random places and just pop out of nowhere.

What is your most memorable high school experience?

  • One time I got escorted out of the school because I brought my cell phone and they wouldn’t let me go to the senior slideshow

Do you have a teacher that inspired you to teach?

  • Yes, Mr. Ludwig.  He was an English teacher who also taught all the theatre classes.  He was one of the crazy teachers who just threw the rules out the door and made you think when you went through things.

What is your favorite holiday?

  • Halloween


  • It is just one of those holidays where there are so many possibilities.

What is your favorite horror movie?

  • I love most horror movies but my favorite would have to be a tie between Psycho and The Shining.

Is there anything you are afraid of?

  • I love anything scary, creepy, or weird, but I am deathly afraid of squirrels because as a child I had a reoccurring nightmare that they would not stop biting me.

Another fun fact about Mrs. Huston is that she was married on Halloween and her fellow English teacher Mrs. Benson was in her wedding!







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