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Sister Annella

Belle LeBlanc

Sister Annella


What does it take to become a Saint? The road to becoming a saint is not easy, think of just as any other occupation, or life calling, it’s a process, and there are many steps to get there.

Here are the steps according to Catholic officials:

1. Serve God

One usually becomes a saint about 5 years after death. Catholic officials will essentially look at the person’s reputation to decide whether or not he or she has the qualities to become a saint.

Who decides?

Sainthood usually requires a theologians’ review and witness testimony. They generally look at any pieces of writing the person has and their reputation of holiness and intercessory prayer. However, the bringing up of a saint generally begins with the home parish or community in which the candidate was involved.

2.  Venerable Servant of God

The pope has to accept the recommendation.

3. Blessed

This process can be done in two routines: The Pope declares that the candidate for his or faith or proof of a miracle.

Once a person becomes blessed, public veneration the honoring of the person is allowed at the local or regional level.

4. Saint

After all of these steps are fulfilled they can become a Saint.

Attached below is a phone interview by Carolyn Rengel and Belle LeBlanc.

Annella’s Life Story 

Anna Cordelia Zervas was an American Benedictine nun, known by her name as Sister Mary Annella Zervas. She was born April 7th, 1900 in Moorhead, Minnesota. Anna was raised in a large family, and they attended St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Moorhead. According to Father Alfred Mayer, the pastor at St. Mary’s, said about Anna, “She sought only to please God and do His Holy Will in all things, and thence labored but for God’s honor and glory. She sought to please God by an ardent desire and an earnest will to acquire virtue and perfection, a total renunciation and forgetfulness [sic] of the world and its vanities, and an invincible fortitude in her sufferings… It was during the summer vacation of 1915 that she one day called on me and expressed to me her desire of going to the convent at St. Joseph and becoming a sister. I told her that I thought she had a religious vocation and advised her to carry out her holy design. She seemed to be so convinced of her religious vocation that she expressed no doubts or fears regarding it. After I had spoken some words of encouragement and explained to her, in short, the excellence of the religious state, she left happy and contented.” Anna entered Saint Benedict’s Monastery as a postulant in 1915 and entered the novitiate in 1918. She was remembered as a quiet and unassuming nun. Unfortunately, in 1923, Anna noticed a small reddish brown patch on her arm, which itched very much. The rash soon spread to her whole body. After a 3 year long battle with the skin disease Pityriasis rubra pilaris, Anna passed away in 1926. Sister Annella’s grave is in the St. Benedict’s convent’s cemetery.

Annella’s Legacy

There are many myths about Sister Annella, she is said to have healed the hearts of many. People go to her grave and often take something from it like dirt and bathe with it. One woman reported that she had horrible back pain and bathed with dirt from her grave which soon relieved her of her back pain. There are many other myths and stories about who Annella has cured. Many college students say they go to her grave and pray asking for luck before finals.


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