Siblings of Sartell: Savannah and Emerson Dyer

January 9, 2018

You hate them. You love them. Your friend. Your enemy. You know who I’m talking about: siblings.

For this piece of Siblings of Sartell, I had the opportunity to speak with Savannah (11th grade) and Emerson (9th grade) Dyer to understand more about how they feel about each other.

What do you and your sibling have in common?

Savannah: Nothing. We are literally the most opposite people ever I feel like.

Emerson: We are both on the dance team. I can’t think of anything else.

Describe your sibling in 3 different words.

Savannah: She is creative, lanky, kind.

Emerson: Funny, considerate, pretty.

Are you close?

Savannah: Yeah, we live together. Her bedroom’s upstairs, and we are on the dance team.

Emerson: Yeah, we have gotten closer since we have been on the dance team. We spend so much more time together now than before.

What’s something that they do that drives you insane?

Savannah: She is so slow! She makes me late almost every morning.

Emerson: When she takes my stuff.

What is one personality trait that your sibling has that you wished you had?

Savannah: She’s patient. I wish I had more patience.

Emerson: She lets things go easily. If something happens, it doesn’t take her as long to get over.

What is one thing that has changed about your sibling as they got older?

Savannah: Besides puberty, nothing really. She’s pretty much always been the same.

Emerson: She hasn’t really changed.

Have you ever been compared to each other? 

Savannah: Yes, our humor is kind of the same.

Emerson: Sort of. People have told me I look like her.

Who is considered the favorite child in the family?

Savannah: Emerson. Don’t ask why.

Emerson: I ask my mom all the time, but she never tells me.

Do you have nicknames for each other? Why do you call them that?

Savannah: I call her Emma because I think that’s her name. I never call her Emerson unless I’m mocking people who call her that.

Emerson: Sometimes I call her Sav. She’s Sav in my phone. My mom calls her Savannah Banana. I don’t really call her that though.

Complete this statement… “My sibling is…”

Savannah: My sibling is outgoing.

Emerson: My sibling is kind when she is in a good mood.

I had a great time interviewing the Dyer siblings. I have known Sav for 3 years now due to dancing with her on the same team, and I must say she is an amazing and funny girl. Her personality is fun, carefree, and when she is passionate about something she is PASSIONATE. Savannah has this aura that makes everyone enjoy being around her. As for her sister, Emerson, I just recently got to know her this year with her being a freshman on the dance team. I enjoy being around Emerson because she is this cute, adorable, fun loving person that can brighten anyone’s day. Just like her sister, Emerson is very funny and has a great sense of humor. The Dyer sisters are unbelievably cheerful girls who can make anyone smile.

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