PSEO: Postsecondary Enrollment Options

PSEO (Postsecondary enrollment options) is an academic option extended to junior and senior high school students.

In order to go to a university, such as St. Cloud State University, you must have B average grades. In order to go to a technical college, you have to take an accuplacer test run by the college. An accuplacer test is a test that assesses one’s reading, writing and math skills.

High school students can choose to do PSEO for various reasons.

I chose to take classes at the St. Cloud Technical College in order to get ahead in my education and to take college classes for free. I take three classes at the technical college and one class at high school. Personally, I love PSEO because it’s like getting a glimpse of what college is going to be like. I have a very flexible schedule, which gives me time at home to study for my classes and get some homework done. For example, for second semester I don’t have any classes on Tuesday’s or Friday’s other than my one high school class every day. The only thing I don’t like about PSEO is driving back and forth from my house to the technical college in between classes.

I would recommend PSEO to all juniors and seniors in high school, it is a great opportunity to see what college is like so the transition into college is easier.