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Does Sartell have a clique problem?

January 19, 2018


klek, klik


  1. a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.

    What do you think of when you hear clique? Maybe you imagine a high school lunchroom. Cliques are a part of a stereotypical high school. So that begs the question, does our high school have a problem with cliques? I investigated the issue by interviewing some students about their opinion. I also interviewed a lunch supervisor, who in my opinion has the best, unfiltered view of student life in SHS. Both interviews are attached below.
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Isiah Svoboda

Isiah Svoboda is very involved in Sartell High School. This senior has performed in West Side Story as the lead, swims on the swim team, and is very talented musically. Isiah makes friends all over, not just in one particular group. These are his responses to my interview.

1. Are cliques present at Sartell High School? Do they pose any problems here?

Cliques are definitely present here although they aren’t really that severe. I do feel like the younger classmen have more of a problem with cliques; they are less inclusive.

2. Would you say you fit into a clique, if so how would you describe it?

I tend to roam around group-wise. I can switch between different kinds of cliques pretty easily. I’m probably more in the music and theater clique if anything.

3. Do you think it would be easy to switch cliques or move around?

It can be hard at first, you have to be careful joining a new group. It gets easier as you start to know people better. I think today it is harder to move around as opposed to the past because cliques are more defined and tight-knit.

4. You mentioned you were new to the school, how was that transition?

I was new freshman year, I definitely noticed the cliques at first. It wasn’t too hard to find a spot to fit in because freshman year everyone had just made the big transition to high school.

5. Finally, do you think the administration should be involved when it comes to cliques?

I don’t think they need to be involved right now, cliques are natural for high schoolers. If they become worse and start to involve bullying or something else I think the administration might have to get involved.



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Everyone’s new favorite lunch supervisor

Caleb Kunze, one of the new lunch supervisors at Sartell High School, is probably known for his legendary “Time for class” war cry. He is very outgoing and charismatic with students so he has a good idea of student life here. A stereotypical highschool lunchroom is where the borders between cliques are drawn, as seen in the Mean Girls clip. I interviewed Caleb about his experience in the high school atmosphere.

1. So Caleb, first of all, where did you go to high school?

Actually, I was homeschooled (Oh shoot, there goes my next question) but I still experienced cliques (sigh of relief).

2. Did your house have cliques? Were you part of a high school clique? If so what kind of clique were you in?

I was involved in cliques during extracurricular activities. I would say I was in the sports clique, kind of like the jocks.

3. As a supervisor do you notice cliques forming in the lunchroom? 

Oh yeah, I definitely notice them. You clearly notice it while working here; the cliques are mostly divided by what table you sit at.

4. Do you think these divisions of cliques are a problem here?

No, they aren’t much of a problem. Generally, I think cliques aren’t a bad thing, as long as you still get to know new people and be inclusive.

5. Do you think the administration should be involved in making cliques more open?

Not at this point. It really depends on the clique, some cliques tend to be more inviting whereas others tend to be more closed.





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