The 10 best Christmas movies definitively ranked

Christmas. It is a time of cheer, family, gift giving, holiday spirit, celebration, and most importantly, movies. Some of the best movies of all time have come out during the Christmas season, and it can sometimes be a little difficult to pick out which ones to watch. To help you with that, I’ve decided to make a definitive list of 10 Christmas movies that are a must watch for every holiday season. Grab some popcorn, eggnog, and push play!


10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a great comedy film to watch anytime, but especially during the Christmas season. It showcases how many Americans feel about their bosses, Christmas trees, and winter weather. This movie personifies how Christmas can somehow feel and manages to relay it in a nice, relaxed, comedic tone.


9. Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer


A classic stop-motion film from the year 1964 shows a feel-good tale of a young reindeer that is different from others, but that shows he’s not any less of a reindeer than any other reindeer. This is a must watch film for everyone from ages 2 – 122 during the holiday season.


8. The Nightmare Before Christmas


An incredibly well-produced stop-motion film by Tim Burton, this movie shows Jack Skellington travelling through the “Christmas Town” portal. Jack creates some headaches for the residents of Christmas Town, along with some other general hilarity throughout.


7. A Charlie Brown Christmas


From its amazing original score by Vince Guaraldi, this Christmas moving has the definition of longevity. It has been played on CBS for every Christmas season since 1965 and continues to attract many viewers. This is a simple story of Charlie Brown learning the true meaning of Christmas and should be watched every holiday season.


6. Elf


This 2003 Will Ferrell comedy is heavy on physical humour and childish jokes, but that doesn’t change the facts that it continues to be a timeless Christmas film. This movie is great for kids and adults alike and showcases the need for Christmas spirit.


5. Arthur Christmas

This animated film shows what life is “really” like in the North Pole. Santa’s younger son, voiced by James McAvoy, Arthur, is both fearful and incredibly clumsy, and is definitely not able to fill his father’s large shoes. Santa forgets one little girl’s gift and is extremely distraught.  Arthur and one special Reindeer learn what its all about to be Santa and to save Christmas for one little girl.


4. The Grinch


This 2000 Jim Carrey movie shows a classic story in a modern light. The Grinch has always been a misunderstood creature, and this movie goes in-depth about his origins and why he hates Christmas. Though it may seem like he’s ruining Christmas, he very well may be saving it!


3. Home Alone


This 1990 film lets it be known that you should always count your kids, especially when you have a large family much like the McCallisters. Young Kevin is left alone to fend for himself against some dimwitted thieves who have been terrorizing the neighborhood. Kevin somehow manages to outsmart the thieves and defend his house.


2. Polar Express


Tom Hanks is the main lead in this amazing animated film directed by Robert Zemeckis shows a young boy who longs to journey to the North Pole, and he finally gets his wish. A magical train picks him up and takes him to the Pole, with many interesting turns and twists in the rail line on the way.


1. Die Hard


Yes, it is a Christmas movie. Die Hard may seem like the exact antithesis to a regular Christmas movie, but it is, and it’s an incredibly good one. Bruce Willis stars as John McClane, an NYPD cop who has come to LA to reconnect with his wife. This is a classic action flick and Christmas flick good to watch at any time, but it seems a little more special during Christmas.