Water fountains of Sartell

When at school, you may find yourself parched, and nothing solves thirst like an ice cold mouthful of H20. Water is the lifeblood of everything on earth. It composes 75% of your body and of Earth itself. Obviously, the best water is water from a water fountain, right? Here, I will grade every water fountain in the school, educating you all about which is best and which is worst.

Random freshman: “Too cold for my mouth” (referring to tech wing fountain after long run)

Water Fountain Location Location Pressure Water Quality Temperature Final Grade Summary
Second Level Hallway 5 3 5 4 A- A nice water fountain in a great location with alright pressure and great water.
Second Level Women’s by Gym 3.5 3 4 3 B Good tasting, decent temperature, especially after being in the gym for awhile.
Second Level Men’s by Gym 3 3 5 4 B+ Arguably the best quality water in the school, and easily quenches thirst.
Band Hallway 2 5 5 4.5 A Undoubtedly the best water fountain in the school. Cold, Crisp, Refreshing, and most importantly, great pressure.
Techwing 1 4.5 4.5 5 A- Ice Cold. High Pressure. Well water-esque taste, but far away from everything but the tech wing.
Auxiliary Gym 1 4 1 1 D This one is an absolute pressure monster, but everything else is awful. Just the worst.
Main Gym .5 4 .5 .5 F The same as the Aux gym, great pressure, lacking in every other category. Just the worst but even worse. 
Locker Room hallway 2 2 2 1.5 D+ I mean it’s alright if you enjoy not feeling hydrated.
First Level by Lunch Room 5 3.5 3.5 3 B Incredible location, but everything else fails to live up to the expectations of the location.