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Sartell Dance Show

November 27, 2017

This past weekend at SHS the Sartell Sabre Dance Team showcased their new routine for their upcoming season. Along with the Sabre dance team, other local high school teams and studios performed as well. High school teams as far as Brainerd and as close as Apollo came to reveal their dances to the community. There were two shows at 2 pm and 6 pm and the crowd was packed full to the top. There were over 40 dances in the first show and about 35 in the second making this year a huge hit and a great fundraiser. The SSDT unveiled their kick and jazz dance themes which is grease for kick and cold-hearted snake for jazz. An exciting surprise that happened towards the ending of the kick dance was that the dancers transformed from a pink lady outfit to an appealing Sandy Olsson skirt. For jazz, we had some amazing tricks, turns and exceptionally sassy dancers.

We went out to interview the head coach, captain, and dancers, after the show.

Coach Kelly McCarney Q&A:

1. What are some goals you want the team to achieve as the season goes on?

I think one of our continuous goals is the continuous improvement at every competition to see our scores improve. It is always kind of a personal competition amongst ourselves. So improved scores at every meet and continuing to grow with our dances. This is a great start and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

2. How do you feel about the team after seeing them perform for the first time? 

I’m ecstatic after seeing them perform for the first time. I felt like both of our first performances were very solid, very high energy, and I’ve heard so many comments from people which is what we already knew but that they love our dances.

3. What are your thoughts or predictions for this years local/city rival teams?

I think as always it’s going to be very close. There are so many high-quality teams in our area so the mainstays like Tech and Rocori and Brainerd are all going to continue to be strong teams in our conference.

4. What is your overall thought on this year’s dance show?

I think it is very successful. We had a packed house, we had an overflow of people sitting on the backside and a wide variety of teams and local studios.

Captain Alayna Runge Q&A:

1. How does it feel being captain and the only senior on the team? 

It feels interesting because usually as a senior there are special things you get to do and once you hit senior year it’s hard to not do those things. It’s also not as hard as you would think because the junior grade has pretty much been my co-captain and really helped out a lot.

2. What is a goal you want this team to achieve by the end of the season?

Ideally, I would love for us to be back to back state champions but I’m just going to wait up and see how the season goes. I just want us to really do our best each time we perform and bond together as a team. As long as we grow every time we have practice and a competition I’ll be happy.

3. What makes this year different than the previous years of being on the team besides being a captain/senior?

“The second the Sartell high kick team walked on the floor, I could feel the radiating confidence from all the dancers”.”

— Belle Leblanc

It’s different because we have so many freshmen so there are fewer people who know the memo and know whats going on so it’s kind of difficult in that way. I also feel like this is a great opportunity to maybe change the way we do things because of how many rookies are on the team.

4. What will you miss most about dancing on the SSDT after you graduate? 

I will miss performing and getting that adrenaline when I perform. I will also miss the family and the bond that the team has.

SSDT Dancers Q&A:

1. How did you feel performing for the first time?

Maggie Schneider (freshman): Really good. The crowd was super hyped and it felt like I had two very solid performances.

Sydney Musatov (freshman): It was AMAZING. It was great to see everyone’s reaction when we debuted our dances, my kick height was better than I ever thought they could be and my facials just came naturally while performing.

2. Being it your second year on the team, how does this year differ from your freshman year?

Cortney Carlson (sophomore): I feel like I know more about what to do and what the coaches expect of me. I also feel more confident in myself.

Emma Gent (sophomore): I actually know what is going on and the layout of the SSDT so I am able to help the freshmen more.

3. As a junior and upperclassmen on the team, what are you looking forward to the most as the season progresses?

Hannah Welsh ( junior): Probably to see the underclassmen grow as a whole team.

Izzy Kucala (junior): I would say I’m looking forward to bonding more with the team and being able to break that grade barrier.

If you were not able to make it to the dance show and want to witness the Sartell dance team and other teams in action or want to see them again here is a list of upcoming competitions.

Upcoming dance competitions:

  • November 28th: 1st CLC @ Tech high school
  • December 2nd: Apple Valley Invite @ Apple Valley high school
  • December 9th: Eastview Invite @ Eastview High School
  • January 6th: Alexandria Invite @ Alexandria high school
  • January 12th: CLC Championship @ Sartell high school
  • January 20th: Totino Grace Invite @ Totino Grace high school
  • February 3rd: Sections 4AA @ Alexandria high school


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