Cole Jurek

Cole and Dylan became friends when Cole was ten days old and Dylan was two days old. Cole’s favorite memory with Dylan was one day, when they used to live across the street from each other still, there was a thunderstorm and the two boys would sprint across the street to each other’s garages in fear of getting struck by lightning. Cole and Dylan both love to play soccer and hockey. They have been in both sports since they were very little. Cole admires Dylan’s ambition. The two guys enjoy spending time hanging out together on the weekends and playing soccer.


BFF quiz questions:

What is Dylan’s favorite animal?

Cole says: Lion

Correct answer: Monkey


What is Dylan’s favorite subject in school?

Cole says: Business

Correct answer: Personal Finance


What is Dylan’s favorite color?

Cole says: Blue

Correct answer: Red


What is Dylan’s favorite hobby?

Cole says: Soccer

Correct answer: Soccer


Who is Dylan’s celebrity crush?

Cole says: Vanessa Hudgens

Correct answer: Belle Leblanc


What is Dylan’s biggest fear?

Cole says: Spiders or snakes

Correct answer: Being buried alive