Dylan Michaud

Dylan and Cole became friends right after they were born. Their moms are best friends and their birthdays are only eight days apart. Dylan describes his friendship with Cole as humorous. Dylan’s favorite memory with Cole is trick or treating in their morph suits. Dylan admires Cole’s work ethic and dedication to everything he does. Dylan and Cole enjoy playing soccer together.


BFF quiz questions:

What is Cole’s favorite animal?

Dylan says: Sloth

Correct answer: Shark


What is Cole’s favorite subject in school?

Dylan says: AP Chemistry

Correct answer: Science


What is Cole’s favorite color?

Dylan says: Blue

Correct answer: Blue


What is Cole’s favorite hobby?

Dylan says: Gaming

Correct answer: Soccer


Who is Cole’s celebrity crush?

Dylan says: Katy Perry

Correct answer: Jennifer Lawrence


What is Cole’s biggest fear?

Dylan says: Being buried alive

Correct answer: Being buried alive