Jon Bellion amazed at the Myth

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Jon Bellion amazed at the Myth

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On Friday, October 13th at 8 o’clock pm, hundreds of people, including many Sartell highschool students, lined up to see hip-hop/ contemporary R&B singer Jon Bellion at the Myth nightclub in Maplewood, Minnesota. We were among the attendees.

Bellion was joined on his Human Condition tour Part II by Travis Beckham, Blaque Keyz, and Travis Mendes. Beckham started the show off by displaying his wide vocal range and incredibly talented singing abilities.

We were only blessed with three songs from him before he introduced Travis Mendes. Travis played a very short set much like Beckham and then introduced Blaque Keyz who was met with a warmer welcome than Beckham due to the fact that he is more well known.

Blaque Keyz started his performance in all black with his hoodie up and waving a flag. He performed his set which included an unreleased song. He claimed that he was trying to make up for the fact that he was sick during part one of the tour when Bellion and his crew first came to MN.

Throughout his performance, Keyz repeatedly asked the crowd if we were ready for Jon Bellion and was met with screams and cheers only to disappoint by continuing to perform rather than bring Bellion out on stage.

As the start of Jon Bellion’s song “He is the Same” began to play, the crowd readied itself by pushing about ten feet forward, pushing us from near the back to about the fifth row, making the experience that much more enjoyable as well as it made the crowd that much more packed together.

When Jon came onto the stage, the crowd went wild. He performed an eventful 13 song set including his songs “All Time Low,” “Guillotine,” and “iRobot.”

  1. He is the Same
  2. Woodstock
  3. All Time Low
  4. Run Wild
  5. Guillotine
  6. 80’s Films
  7. Human (Acoustic)
  8. Overwhelming
  9. Maybe IDK
  10. Luxury
  11. iRobot
  12. New York Soul, Pt. II
  13. Hand of God (Outro)

During each song, Jon danced wildly around the stage and entertained the crowd just like promised. The final song, Hand of God, was interrupted by Jon with an inspirational speech about how the youth of America have the power to change the world.

“The top one percent of this country needs you to be afraid of your fellow man because your skin color is different than them. But when you look upon this stage and you look at the God-given ability of the openers, the band, myself, and people when they come together and what can happen when people come together. Does it look like we care what your skin color is. I said does it look like we care what your skin color is. I’m convinced deep down in my heart the only way this nation is going to change is not from a president, it is from the youth of this nation. The only way that that happens, where the hard part comes in is that you have to wake up by yourself, not with your friends and family who are in agreeance. Alone, by yourself making a conscious effort to love your neighbor as yourself. Nowhere does it say that when you do the right thing you have the correct reaction, that you will get rewarded for it and that is the hard part. We are strong enough as a nation, we are too smart as a youth, as a people, do not understand that the only way things are going to get better is if we selflessly unify ourselves. So despite all the killings, the hurricanes, everything that is going on, the earthquakes, the hate, and prejudice that is going on in this nation as one people right now, as a testament to this nation we will put both hands to the sky as one people. As one people, as one unit, as one organism we are going to close our eyes and sing together this chorus.”


As the crowd sang with closed eyes and raised hands, we felt a unity and comfort come over the room. The song, although speaking of God, is not a religious song at all. It simply states what Bellion said in his speech and once again signifies the fact that the youth of the world can change the world if we all learn to love each other.

The 6-minute song went on and Bellion left the stage. No more than a minute passed before chanting for Jon the come back on stage began, and we were once again met with the lovely singer all ready to sing his encore, “Jim Morrison.” Towards the end of the song Bellion once again interrupted by encouraging the crowd to “get crazy” when the bass dropped as a competition that they have to see which city “has the most fun.”

At this point, we had made it to the front row and were being pushed up against the gate so jumping wasn’t really an option. As Jon watched the crowd dance and jump he stopped us. He asked us all to put our phones in our pockets and enjoy this one last song and just have fun without the distraction. We took his advice and had one last jump around before the concert ended, leaving no one in the crowd disappointed.

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