Eric Samuel Timm impresses audiences

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Eric Samuel Timm impresses audiences

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On Wednesday, September 27th, SHS hosted the speaker Eric Samuel Timm who spoke about being safe so you are alive to live your dream.

Timm is an orator from Rochester, MN.  He has spoken to over 2 million people in more than 35 countries. What makes his presentations unique is that he’s also an artist.  While he was at our school, he painted a portrait of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. What was even more interesting was that he did most of it upside down.

He [Timm] was really passionate about what he was speaking about. ”

— Lizzie Minnerath

Timm’s artistic talent was not the only unique quality he showcased during the presentation.  His ability to captivate an audience was wonderful too.  He interacted with the audience in a way that was both fun to watch and kept the energy level of the crowd high.

Most of the time his orations have a religious component, but for our public school, he edited it to exclude those references.  After speaking at both ORE and SMS, many high school students were thankful he was still able to put on an energetic show for us.

He really could put it into a perspective we could understand.”

— Adam Bromenschenkel

That same evening, Timm captivated another audience with his Fields of Faith presentation and was met with even more enthusiasm. His presentation, being mainly religious, was much easier to give in a setting where that was allowed.  Sophomore, Adam Bromenschenkel, shared, “The audience was much more into it [as compared to the SHS presentation].  He drew a really cool painting!”

Alex Janetis, also a sophomore at SHS, re-echoed Adam’s thoughts: “The one after school was a lot better.”

Adam also explained that Timm’s main theme of that presentation was “it’s never too late. And he meant that not just religiously, but even just in reaching for your dreams.”

Both young men agreed that there was a lot of interactiveness in both presentations.



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