15 reasons why fall is the best season

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15 reasons why fall is the best season

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    1. Bonfires

      Having a bonfire with friends and family is one of the best feelings ever especially in the fall.

    2. The smell of the air

      The fresh, crisp smell of the air is the tell-tale sign of fall.

    3. Halloween

      Halloween is by far the best part of the season. You can never go wrong with candy and dressing up in fun costumes with friends.

    4. Jumping into piles of leaves

      Feeling the satisfying crunch of the freshly falling leaves is enough to make anyone happy.

    5. Picking out pumpkins

      Doesn’t it just make you so happy when you realize its time to pick out the perfect pumpkin?

    6. Carving pumpkin

      And carving the pumpkins are even better than picking them out and a lot of fun.

    7. Halloween decorations

      The excitement for Halloween is only amplified by the scary decorations and dressing up in fun costumes with your friends.

    8. Pumpkin spice flavored everything

      Obviously, the PSL is a staple to anyone in fall but what about pumpkin spice cookies and pie.

    9. Haunted houses

      It is the best time to visit haunted houses and maybe get a little scared.

    10. Baking everything with pumpkin or apples

      Pumpkin pie, apple pie, apple crisp, pumpkin bars… there are endless treats you can make to get into the fall spirit.

    11. Cute flannels and sweaters

      Flannels and knit sweaters are by far the cutest fall apparel and comfy too.

    12. Hoodie weather

      The crispness in the air makes the weather great for wearing your favorite comfy hoodie.

    13. Cozying up in blankets

      The weather during fall is so tranquil and cool and cuddling up in a nice blanket is the perfect way to experience it.

    14. Friday night football games

      There is something for everyone to love at good old Friday night football games: the high school band performing, varsity football players giving everything they have, and the dance team cheering them on.

    15. Halloween movies on TV

      Classics like Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town are one of the best parts of fall.

Bonus: Halloween Candy


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