Michael Ramseth

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Michael Ramseth is a senior here at Sartell High school. Michael met Garrit when they were eight years old. Michael describes his friendship with Garrit as goofy. Michael admires Garrit’s sense of humor. Michael plays lacrosse and Garrit is a swimmer, so sports is something the two of them don’t have in common. Michael doesn’t have a favorite way to spend time with Garrit because no matter what they do together it is always fun.


BFF quiz questions:

What is Garrit’s favorite color?

Answer: Blue

Correct Answer: Blue


What is Garrit’s favorite food/drink?

Answer: Pass

Correct Answer: Apple Pie


What is something that really pushes Garrit’s buttons?

Answer: Anything I do or say

Correct Answer: When people say they could care less when they mean that they couldn’t care less.


Does Garrit have any strange phobias?

Answer: No

Correct Answer: Public Speaking


What is Garrit’s favorite music genre?

Answer: Rap

Correct Answer: Rap

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