Humans of Sartell: September 18th-22nd

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Humans of Sartell: September 18th-22nd

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The allergies- I love the allergies.

I’d like to have a rock and then not take care of it.

Sometimes I wear other people’s glasses.

I like the temperature drop, because the school gets cooler.

I had a big breakfast, so the chocolate banana snack bread was enough.

Burnt my hand on the alfredo pizza at lunch today. It was hot.




I bought my Doberman, Gunner, all by myself.

He is a good dog.






Sweatshirts are my favorite part of fall because I just enjoy feeling warm.


I don’t have glasses, but I know I would look good in them.




My dog Sadie is the best because she is not as annoying as my cat.

The fall is great because the weather is both warm and cold.

I like Thanksgiving because I can see my family, and there is good food.

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