CentraCare dispute could spell disaster for St. Cloud area

Earlier this week, CentraCare set a deadline at the end of this month for its employees to sign a contract regarding their pay. The 18-month contract offers doctors pay benefits, the amount differs based on job position. However, if the employee quits or is fired in that 18-month span they will have to pay back the amount received from the contract. 

This dispute comes as CentraCare plans to remodel throughout the campus.


Employees are concerned about being taken advantage of during that 18 month period. This suspicion arises from the hospital’s treatment of its doctors over the past few months. Doctors have reported a significant drop in their pay, and some have been fired for no apparent reason. These problems have caused a lack of trust between the employees and CentraCare clinic.

Behind these walls sounds of a pharmacy remodel fill the space


In the end, this dispute could be very detrimental to the St. Cloud area. Doctors might seek jobs closer to the cities where the employment is more stable. If a significant portion of the doctors leaves, patients will have to seek treatment elsewhere possibly causing the St. Cloud hospital to close.

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