Unfortunate loss for Sabre football team ends in win for hurricane relief

Holly Wolff, Journalist

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The atmosphere of Friday Night’s football game against Alexandria was upbeat and exciting as Sartell High School students showed their support for hurricane relief.

The Sabre fan section was filled with people sporting Hawaiian shirts and flower leis, ready to cheer on their team while showing their support for the hurricane survivors. Pom poms were being sold throughout the stands for $2 with each dollar, once again, going towards the hurricane relief.

The game was dedicated to raising money to help the thousands of people who were displaced due to Hurricanes that took place near the Gulf of Mexico and although the Sabres did not win the game, the Sartell Student Council succeeded in raising over $1,700 to donate to the cause.

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It was wonderful to see everyone join together to help raise money for Hurricane Relief. ”

— Lauren Lindmeier

When asked about hurricane relief and making the night a success, Student Council Vice President Lauren Lindmeier replied, “The weekend was amazing! I was shocked by the support the students of SHS gave to such a great cause, along with the Sartell community that was more than willing to help. It was wonderful to see everyone join together to help raise money for hurricane relief. It is a heart-wrenching issue that is affecting numerous areas of our country. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I wanted to help those who were struggling with various hurricane issues but did not know exactly how to help. So it was really nice to be given an opportunity to help out in some way or another. Also, it was so great to be together with my classmates again and have fun. It was a great start to the school year, and it got me excited for the upcoming Sabre events.”

The Sartell Sabre fall dance line and band raised the mood by putting on an impressive halftime show that kept people interested.

Holly Wolff
Fans get excited for the Sabres

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