Trump’s Cabinet Restocked: New Appointees and Controversies

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Trump’s Cabinet Restocked: New Appointees and Controversies

Erica Stambaugh, Journalist

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It’s been a strange and well-reported upon transition for president-elect Donald Trump. We’ve heard about alleged sexual scandal, foreign hacking, civil rights infringement, but the the following is a comparably tame update on who’s in Trump’s administration. You can catch up on previous nominations here.

New picks:

Senior White House Advisor: Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner is Donald Trump’s son in law and is also a big name in real estate.  This appointment violates Article No. 5 of the US Code, which states that U.S. officials can’t employ members of their families.


Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson

Like Trump, Rex Tillerson was a businessman. He’s the former chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobile. Mr. Tillerson recently faced criticism over his business relations with Russia and Saudi Arabia.


Treasury Secretary: Steve Mnuchin

Steve Mnuchin is a former partner at Goldman Sachs and manager of hedge funds. He had a rough Senate hearing, during which it was revealed that he failed to disclose $1 million in personal assets and had been taking advantage of tax loopholes while operating hedge funds.


Secretary of Defense: General James Mathis

General Mathis is a former Marine Corps general and 11th Commander of the U.S. Central Command. Unlike some of Trump’s appointments, at least General Mathis has years of relevant experience in an appropriate field.



Generally, the administration-to-be is looking increasingly caucasian and male.

According to this article, Trump’s pick for Commerce Secretary had employed at least one undocumented worker, and fired him or her prior to his hearing.

Since Jared Kushner is Trump’s son in law, his nomination may be thwarted by anti-nepotism laws.

Betsy deVos seems really unqualified to be Secretary of Education in her Senate hearing:
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