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SOOO much School Spirit!!

During Winter Wonderland week, journalist, Hannah Kosloski, walked around the school and captured some of the iconic outfits that fit the themes of the week.

Hannah Kosloski, Journalist

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This was my mom’s prom dress!

Yes of course you can take a picture of me! They can wait.

Last week was such an amazing week. Walking around the halls and seeing everyone as hippies, hillbillies, or in khakis was a pure treat to the eyes. Because everyone was coming back to school after break, it was an awesome way to jump into the last half of the semester. At Sartell, we pride ourselves with having everyone dress up! Or… at least as many people as we can! This past week was a fun way to get everyone excited for our Winter Wonderland dance at the end of the week, and to show how just being silly and dressing up can make some gnarly school spirit. The following pictures are screenshots into the week that show how much fun students AND teachers had this week! Thanks to everyone who participated! Get ready for Spring Week later on in the year!

I was going to wear a flannel and tie dye, but then I remembered I had these glasses.




I mean, if we can get out of Bel Canto?

Just look at the camera omg…





Wacky Khaki Wednesday everyday.

I went out and bought khakis specifically for this day.

Would you consider these khakis?



Guys, lets just all do the same thing.











How do you want me to stand?

I feel like I should of done the “rock on” hands because of my shirt, but oh well!

I have triple denim, so I win.


It’s a vikings sweater, therefore it’s an ugly sweater.

Crew photo round two.









It’s not really ugly, but alright.

One of the sweaters lights up… that’s important.

Yo! Get in there man!

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