screenshotted via Netlfix by Jaren Martin

Brother Bear

The movie Brother Bear is a classic tale of love. Following the main character, Kenai, viewers are taken on a journey through the ice age wilderness. Kenai vengefully kills a female bear, unaware that she had a cub. He becomes a changed man and is thrust into the world of bears, literally, when he his turned into a bear. He finds a best friend, a brother, in the bear cub, Koda.

The message: Family until the end.

You shouldn’t die for your family. You should live for them. Family doesn’t have to mean your parents, your brother, or your sister. Family is all of the people that you hold dear to you in this world. It is all of the people that you can hold in your embrace. Other than yourself, they are all that matters. Don’t act out of vengeance or for material things. Act out for the family, live for the family, for the happiness, and for the love.

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