Ladies bathroom report card

Emma Zenzen, Journalist

It is half way through the 2016-2017 school year, middle schoolers are still flipping water bottles, and the girls’ high school bathrooms are still repulsive. Most upperclassman have an idea which stalls and dryers are the best in most of the bathrooms but may not know their way around every bathroom. On Thursday, I did some investigating to grade every girls’ bathroom in the school and the report card has been released.

By first glance, it is easy to pick out the best and worst bathroom in the school, but the rest of the bathrooms are fairly average. Each has their advantages and disadvantages depending on what you look for in a decent restroom. I have provided an in-depth review on each bathroom category that was graded to provide more insight.

Library Bathroom: All sections of the sinks work but the water is cold. I graded the dryers a B+ because they both work and are a warm temperature, but they are no Xlerator dryer. The library bathroom has the worst set of stalls in the entire school, if not district. Starting with the third stall which has no handle which equals no use. The fourth stall creaks so loud that it lets everyone in the bathroom know that there is another visitor and the fifth stall does not shut. The cleanliness is average and the privacy is also average with one large crack in the first stall. This bathroom is the second busiest bathroom in the school, and the entrance handle has to be pushed down all the way to successfully enter.

Lunchroom Bathroom: The privacy and cleanliness are both average in this bathroom. All of the stalls lock but the handicap stall has been out of order for months and might never be re-opened. The tip for this bathroom is to use the farthest dryer because it is warm unlike the first. The sink works besides the third section of the faucet. Beware, this bathroom usually always has people in it. It is especially busy during the lunch rushes which is from 11:30 to 1:10.

Lobby Bathroom: The best bathroom is easily the lobby bathroom. Every stall locks and provides expected privacy. They have Xlerator dryers which are the best, and it looks very clean. All the sinks work and can have hot water depending on the time of day.

Lower Auditorium: This bathroom has warm hand dryers and is clean. Only half of the sinks work but all the stalls lock. The first stall is the most private while the second and third stalls have cracks.

Locker room: Easily the grossest bathroom in the school. You can’t help feeling like you want to take a shower after using it. The entire sink works but only one of the dryers works, and it is cold and has zero pressure. All the stall doors close but the first stall in the set of three has a huge gap.

Tech Wing: This bathroom is highly graded for the lack of traffic and stall quality. All the stalls lock and have minor cracks. Only half of the sink works but it has the best quality sink and stays on for a long time. This bathroom also has an Excel dryer and is cool which is nice during the summer. The only problem with the tech wing bathroom is that most of the classrooms are on the opposite side of the school.

Please enjoy this short video for more insight on the girls bathrooms.

My favorite bathroom is the one by the tech wing because no one is ever in there.”

— Tina Workman

Don’t go to the lunch room bathroom before or right after class because it is always busy.”

— Clara Bakken