Looking back on the LAST FIVE YEARS

Thinking back on "The Last Five Years," it was so amazing! Tune in to get the full story on the movie musical that has audiences falling in love.

January 3, 2017

Jason Robert Brown

The Last Five Years, a movie musical, is filled with incredible music correlating to a story about a failed marriage told from two different perspectives. The woman, Kathy, starts the story backwards and goes in reverse throughout the movie. The man, Jamie, tells his side of the story beginning to end and as the movie continues, their relationship gets slowly more detached. This movie was directed by Richard LaGravenese and featured music by Jason Robert Brown. It premiered on September 7th, 2014, and was released into select theaters and on video demand on February 13th, 2015.


Jeremy Jordan (Jamie)

The music in this show is exquisite. Jason Robert Brown, the composer, is a true talent and created this incredible story filled with love and heartbreak that pulls audiences in. Lyrically, this shows music is fantastic and it is so catchy and makes you want to sing along. The story is very different from the typical Broadway musical and is very mind boggling which makes you really have to think. What makes this show even just a step higher is the phenomenal actors, Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, who really bring the story to life. What I love about the world of acting is that you can create this completely fictional world and portray these characters but at the end of the day, it’s not actually real. Actors who really make me believe that they are actually married or in a relationship in real life are true talents. These actors are also very good at portraying a story that is very prevalent to the present time. Most musicals are all about the beautiful love story where the prince meets the princess and they fall in love and all that other crap but with The Last Five Years, the story shows real life problems such as adultery and divorce and money issues. These issues are often a very touchy subject and that is probably why it is not a commonly used topic for musicals.

Anna Kendrick (Cathy)


There are none! This musical is overall extremely well put together and there is nothing that specifically sticks out that is unlikeable.

Laura Carlson
Mackenzie and Bret

I asked a fellow theatre lover named Bret Burgraff who happens to absolutely love the movie and even the Broadway musical too. I interviewed him about his likes, dislikes, and over opinion on the movie and he responded saying:

“Obviously as a huge fan of the musical, the show itself written by my favorite composer Jason Robert Brown, I was pretty much destined to like the movie. I thought it stayed as true as it could to make it work for the screen. The only things I didn’t really care for was their Cathy, Anna Kendrick, and sometimes the added percussion to the music score. It was just more distracting than intriguing in my opinion. Overall, while I enjoyed the actors in the movie, I prefer the one in the 2013 Off-Broadway production the most. While I think Jeremy Jordan is on par with Adam Kantor, Anna Kendrick falls short compared to Betsy Wolf’s interpretation of Cathy. Anna Kendrick didn’t fully get the humor of Cathy in the movie. While “Summer In Ohio” and “Climbing Uphill” are humorous, I sometimes couldn’t tell how sarcastic or serious Anna Kendrick was. Also, it’s hard to live up to Betsy Wolf’s incredible range with incredible emotion. Even though she fell a little short, I still enjoyed her performance overall. I mean, the score is incredible. Jason Robert Brown is a genius writer who can genuinely sweep us into a new world and makes us laugh and cry in just a matter of seconds. He masterfully crafts the score that both Cathy and Jamie both have their own themes and styles and he references lyrics from earlier songs to make powerful character connections. While this movie basically has no dialogue what so ever, it doesn’t ever feel like it needs to because the music is so good. I’ve probably seen the movie over 20 times and I would love to continue to keep re-watching it. My favorite song is “Summer in Ohio” because I mean, how can you go around and not belt out that song? My least favorite song is “The Schmuel Song” because it’s kind of long and doesn’t advance the plot at all but it is still a good song. The plot wasn’t very confusing to me just because I had prior knowledge about it. There isn’t really another musical set up like this one and it makes it very unique and one to remember.”

This musical is like no other and I would 100% recommend that people go and watch this phenomenal movie musical.

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