Artist Hali Peterson

James Gaffy, Journalist

Hali has loved painting since she was four; she told me her mom “would always be watching Bob Ross, and she was constantly painting and soon enough at the age of four, she already had me painting and coloring and drawing.”

I asked Hali a few questions about her art.

1. Where do you draw your inspiration from for your pieces?

“My inspiration is really just like nature and outdoors stuff because I’m constantly outside and taking pictures looking for new ideas to paint.”

2. What is your favorite thing to draw/paint?

“My favorite thing to draw/paint is people and landscapes.”

3. What is your favorite work of art and why?

“My favorite artwork is a painting I did during Painting Two, and I was inspired to paint it because it was a picture from my cabin.  I took it while canoeing, and it was just really peaceful and really made me want to paint it.”


Hali Peterson – The Tunnel